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Gratitude for the Year

Here we are, at the end of the year. And as we look back, with our hearts sincere, Let's be thankful for every month that came and went, For every day that passed, all the time well spent. For every milestone reached and progress earned, For all the successes and failures from which we learned, For all the experiences, those joyous, and those less so For all the adventures that helped us to grow, For every tear that we shed and for all the belly laughs, For every moment shared that sometimes felt too quickly passed, For every person who joined our circles and every person who left, For every soul with whom we connected and would never forget, For all the times we stepped up and chose to be brave, For all the healing we got and the love that we gave, For every step and choice that led us where we are, And the light within us that shines like the brightest star. With peace, love, and gratitude, I wish everyone with cheer, A very prosperous, fulfilling, and

Happy New Year!

I’m your Transformational Coach, Alexandra Reyes.

Stay positive, stay kind, stay mindful, stay blessed ❤️


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