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  • Who can benefit from coaching?
    Anyone can benefit from coaching as long as they are: Willing to open their mind and learn new things Willing to change Committed to their growth
  • What can I get coached on?
    You can get coached on any topic that's important to you. I can coach you on a variety of topics including: - Your mental, emotional, spiritual wellbeing - Your career - Your relationships - Your personal development - Finding your purpose Book a Discovery Call now and we can talk about your needs, your challenges, your goals and how we can work together to achieve them.
  • What is covered in each Coaching Session/Journey?
    Learn more about each Coaching Offering in the Coaching page.
  • How do I book a session or coaching journey?
    Begin your journey by booking a free Discovery Call through the "Book a Call" page. Should we decide to proceed with a coaching journey following this call, you'll be given access to the "My Subscriptions" tab under "My Account" where you'll find the links to book the sessions according to your chosen plan.
  • What is a Coaching Journey?
    A Coaching Journey is a series of coaching sessions where each session builds on the progress and momentum from the last.
  • How are the sessions conducted?
    They're conducted online via Zoom.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    While this site only accepts PayPal, credit/debit card and bank transfers are available options as well. If you would like to make payment through debit/credit card or bank transfer, let me know during your Discovery Call or send me an email request with the Coaching Journey you've chosen and I will send you the payment link or bank details based on your requested method.
  • How long do the sessions take?
    The Life Coaching sessions (including the Advanced Insights Profile session) take up to 60 or 30 minutes depending on the type of session you choose. The Personal Breakthrough Coaching sessions can vary in duration and can run anywhere between 1 and 4 hours. It will depend on the duration of the specific exercises. One of the exercises can take one person 30 minutes to complete and take another person 4 hours to complete. Another exercise can last 3 minutes for one person and 3 hours for another. I also offer a 15 minute Quick Catch Up session that you can book in between other sessions in case you just need a quick conversation for clarity.
  • How often should I book the sessions?
    For the Life Coaching Journey, I recommend spacing out your sessions to one session every other week. This is because you also need to give yourself time in between each session to take actions, make observations and reflect on your actions, observations, and results. For the Personal Breakthrough Journey, I recommend scheduling your sessions closer together. Ideally, they would be one day after another and at the most, no longer than a week apart. This is because it is meant to be an intensive learning and healing process and if the breaks are too long in between, it takes more time to get you back in the best learning state for the next exercise.
  • How do I see the details of my booked sessions?
    Go to "My Account" Go to "My Bookings" to see the sessions you've already booked or go to "My Subscriptions" to see the details of the Coaching Journeys you've already invested in.
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