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Emotionally free, healed, transformed, free, liberated, peaceful, happy, confident woman. Breath of fresh air. New beginnings

Your transformative

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What is Coaching?

It is a partnership

With my support and your commitment to your growth, we will work together to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

It is an investment

Coaching is an investment on yourself. You invest energy and time so that you can make substantial progress with your goals and mental health.

It is a journey

Your coaching journey will be one laden with insights and lessons that may sometimes be hard to swallow, but always contributing to your growth.

What I will coach you to do


Dive deeper into yourself, your emotions, values, beliefs, and the way you operate, Explore all the ways you can accomplish your goals.


Gain new insights into what drives you and makes you you. Discover who you are without the things that have been holding you back.


Thrive with confidence and empowering beliefs. Act on your new insights and be the person that you were always meant to be and more.

Do any of these sound familiar?

"I'm not good enough"

"I'm anxious all the time"

Emotions, emotional, feeling stuck, self-doubt, negative emotions, emotional baggage, trauma, anxiety, anxious, depressed, depression, regret, disconnection, anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt

"What I do is never good enough"

"I'm suffering from depression"

"I'm haunted by past traumas"

"My habits are holding me back"

"I don't feel like myself anymore"

"I'm always sabotaging myself"

"I find it hard to trust myself"

"I can't control my anger"

"I'm torn about my next move"

"I'm riddled with guilt and regret"

"I often feel overwhelmed"

"I can't help but overthink"

"I feel stuck"

"I struggle with saying no"

How would it feel to stop all of that and turn them around?
With Transformational Coaching, you can do that easily.

How do you know if Life Coaching or Transformational Coaching is for you? 

The more traditional Life Coaching and Transformational Coaching are both effective approaches I offer with each one serving a different purpose.

Here are the main differences to consider to help you decide which one is for you:

Life Coaching

This uses a conversational approach with questions designed specifically help you gain clarity and understanding, spark insight and motivation, and create action plans to accomplish your goals.


However, making lasting change with this approach takes more effort and time.

Transformational Coaching

This uses the Robert Simic method, which is a powerful combination of the conversational approach along with advanced NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapeutic techniques.


These are designed to tap into your unconscious mind where you can create positive and healthy changes even more easily and rapidly.

Strong, confident, happy, accomplished, driven, free, liberated, healed, grateful, peaceful women

Coaching Packages

I provide a variety of coaching offerings including one-off sessions and coaching journeys with multiple sessions. Click on the titles below to learn more about each one.

Single Sessions

Emotional Healing Session

1 Transformational Coaching Session to let go of all emotional baggage connected to past memories, heal from emotional trauma, and build emotional resilience with the use of the Time Paradigm Technique. To clarify, this will not change your memories, but rather heal your relationship with those memories.

Emotional healing does not have to take a long time, as you may have been taught before. It does not have to take years, months, weeks, or even days. This session will show you how it is possible to heal from your entire past in a matter of hours, or even minutes by tapping into the power of your own unconscious mind.
No more repressing, no more dwelling, no more suffering from your emotions, just healing.

This is also the first session of the Personal Breakthrough Journey. Though it is recommended to invest in the full journey, this is a great alternative if you're looking to start off with a single session. And if you find yourself wanting to continue, you can book the remaining 3 sessions of the journey and simply pay the difference.

Duration: 1.5-4 hours. Please remember this while booking and keep yourself free for an additional few hours just in case it is needed. It may or may not end up being used, but it is better to have that buffer period.

Coaching Journeys

Personal Breakthrough Journey

A journey with 4 Transformational Coaching Sessions that enable you to:


  • Identify the drivers and larger purpose behind the actions you take

  • Understand the source of your emotions

  • Let go of all emotional baggage and trauma from the past

  • Strengthen your mental and emotional resilience

  • Let go of all limiting beliefs

  • Adopt empowering beliefs

  • Let go of phobias (if any)

  • Let go of anxiety

  • Let go of depressive thoughts and feelings

  • Break unhealthy/unwanted habits

  • End cravings for unhealthy food/drinks

  • Heal your inner child

  • Dissolve any problem you are experiencing

  • Manifest abundance and success with a unique goal setting technique


The exercises used are a mix of advanced NLP techniques, Time Paradigm Technique, hypnotherapy, guided meditation, and other techniques designed to help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind to make lasting positive changes in your life.

You will also have access to additional support via email and Whatsapp in between sessions.

Duration: 1-4 hours for each session. Please remember this while booking and keep yourself free for an additional few hours just in case it is needed. It may or may not end up being used, but it is better to have that buffer period.


Schedule: These 4 sessions are recommended to be booked no more than 1 week apart.

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